1.    What are the advantages of the Piaggio Ape?

  • Diesel. Fuel efficient at 36km/l
  • 4-stroke 8Horsepower Single cylinder
  • Low operational costs
  • Fully customizable
  • Max. payload of 535kgs
  • For Metro Manila, exempted from number coding and can run in secondary and primary roads such as EDSA unlike tricycles which are limited

2.    What are the features of a Piaggio APÉ?

  • Transmission with reverse
  • Maximum climb is 22% gradient
  • Electric and manual start
  • Non polluting vehicle

3.    What is the fuel consumption?

  • Diesel variants: 30-36 Km/L
  • Gasoline variant: 28 Km/L

4.    What is its LTO classification of the Piaggio APÉ?

It is classified as a 3-wheel non-conventional vehicle and has a motorcycle plate. The Piaggio APE is also exempted from the coding scheme.

5.    Are there spare parts and service centers?

Parts and servicing are available in all our Piaggio dealerships.

6.    Why are the wheels on a tilt position?

They're positioned that way to augment the loading capacity of the Piaggio APÉ, at the same time to lengthen the thread life of the tires.

7.    Are the Piaggio APÉ units second hand or refurbished?

All Piaggio APÉ units are 100% brand new.

8.    Is Piaggio APÉ a China brand?

The Piaggio APE is an Italian brand.

9.    Is it hard to drive the Piaggio APÉ?

If you can drive a motorcycle, you can drive an Ape less the balancing act.

10.   What is the required license to drive the Piaggio APÉ?

Restriction 1

11.   In which roads can the Piaggio APÉs run?

In primary and secondary road. Highways and national roads, including EDSA, but not in expressways due to speed limit.

12.   What is the type and size of the tires of a Piaggio APÉ?

The Piaggio Ape uses 10 x 4.5in, 8 ply commercial tires with inner tube

13.   What is the engine displacement?

  • Diesel variants - 435cc
  • Gasoline variant – 197cc

14.   What is the maximum speed? Torque?

55kph / 18nm at 2300rpm

15.   What is the maximum payload of the Piaggio APÉ?

535 Kilograms.

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